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premium ingredients

Authentic Boba

On the west coast, they call it boba. Everywhere else, they call it bubble tea. Whatever you call it, there is nothing better than a cup of freshly brewed milk tea with chewy boba balls - aka bubbles.

At Kuma Boba, we bring you authentic flavors that are made with the best ingredients. We have a philosophy of no powders and no syrups.

We only use premium loose leaf teas, local fruits, real milk or premium milk alternatives, and freshly made toppings.


We strive to only serve you the best. 🙌

The Boba Movement

asian american story

Growing up, the Asian experience was often restricted to Chinese take-out, Korean tofu houses, or Vietnamese pho shops. These experiences were amazing and America fell in love with all of the unique flavors. 

That was the story of our parents. Growing up in the time of Jeremy Lin, Tony Hsieh, and Lucy Liu; we wanted to create an experience that was unique to the Asian American culture of today.

The journey hasn't been easy. Starting a bubble tea store has been a challenge at every step. But through the hard work, we created something special.

Kuma Boba isn't just premium teas and ingredients. We are also about design, experience, and community. This is our movement, the Boba Movement. 

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Asian Street Food

innovative at the core

We obsess over street food and bubble tea. As good as our menu is, we work tirelessly to bring new innovative items to challenge your palates.

We get inspirations through traveling the world, testing in the kitchen, and following other innovators on social media. No matter where we are, we are always looking for new things to share with you.

We also consider you -- yes, YOU -- as a part of our team.  Connect with us through on Instagram, or Facebook. Be the foodie influencer that you were always meant to be.

If your suggestion is selected, you'll get tons of clout or maybe some cool prizes!

Real Fruit Teas

super refreshing

Our fruit teas are made with premium loose-leaf green tea and real fruits. 

We source our fruits from local farmers several times each week. This way, you get to enjoy the sweet taste of fresh produce in all of your drinks. 

Here are just a few ideas for you to try

  • Mixed Berry Green Tea

  • Strawberry Green Tea

  • Mango Strawberry Green Tea

Come try one today. Taste the difference real fruits can make.


contact information

Address: 3594 15 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48310

Phone: (586) 883-9581

Facebook: Join our fan group

Instagram: Join our IG family

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